Photography is the extension of sight. When you choose a photographer you simply accept his vision of the World. Photography is deeply subjective, it's a choice, a framing, a story that the photographer tell in one image. Liking a photographer is liking the way he looks at the world.


Who Am I ?

I would have liked to become a lawyer, olympic champion, spy, soldier, Lara Croft, private detective, wildlife reporter, politician, professional hacker or paleontologist. But life is about making choice so I will start as being an explorer.

When I was a child, I was in love with Indiana Jones and Théodore Monod so my parents had to face the truth and forget about my potential future as a quiet sedentary woman with a tidy life.

If today I'm traveling around the world at the age of 28, I actually started by studying applied arts in France but always with a special attraction for photography.
Admiring the work of war photojournalists, this media is for me an important witness which gives to see an unknown reality, often ignored in our societies.

Since I was 19 years old and my first one-year-trip in Australia, I kept travelling the world in order to open my mind and enrich myself from other cultures.

AKA Milena Berndt , traveling the world since '09

AKA Milena Berndt, traveling the world since '09